Resolutions for 2012

  1. I’m going to remember everyone’s birthday, provided Facebook tells me about it, and provided you’re actually connected to me and I’m able to post on your wall. (Day One and I’ve already ran into someone who apparently doesn’t allow posts on his wall – at least in his case I know the birthday and age on his account is inaccurate.)
  2. I’m going to read more.
  3. I’m going to post more.
  4. I’m going to eat more Jim Dandy’s and organic shakes at Eastside Big Tom.
  5. I’m going to watch quite a bit of the DVDs we’ve been collecting for years.

One thing I won’t be resolving to do is be angry online less, especially when people such as the redneck in the pickup truck who blazed through his Yield Sign and nearly wiped me out this morning (and had the gall to flip me off right back) are allowed to breath our air.


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3 Responses to “Resolutions for 2012”

  1. tamarahaskett Says:

    1.) Does “timeline” still allow us to view everyone’s birthday, or did they “improve” that, too?

    2.) Cool! Any specific plans to read any particular work?

    3.) YES, please do!

    4.) You’re going to EAT shakes? 😛

    5.) Yay! “Dollar DVD Dustbin 2012?”

  2. mdhpiper Says:

    2. Last year I was going to read as much of the Modern Library’s 100 Best Novels of the 20th century as I could. I read Sister Carrie (the Unexpurgated cut from 1981, technically not the version in the list) and was a few chapters into Lord Jim when I got distracted. This time I’m just going through Project Gutenberg – but I’m picking and choosing as I go along. I won’t be reading a list of the first 100,000 prime numbers, nor will I be reading anything foreign.

    4. It’s Eastside Big Tom – real ice cream, real ingredients. Of course you eat those shakes, you’ll get an aneurysm trying to use a straw!

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    […] been nearly 50 days since I shared my New Years Resolutions, how have I […]

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