0.4% – It’s at least growing faster than my Savings Account

At this rate it’s only going to take me ten years to finish the 5000 Question Survey. That means had I kept with it when I first started on Myspace all those years ago I’d be just about done now.

11. Have you ever taken martial arts classes?

When I was 13 I was in Tae Kwon Do for about 8 months and earned my Orange Belt.

12. Does your life tend to get better or worse or does it just stay the same?

It’s better than it’s been at times, though I wouldn’t mind having the same level of energy I had twenty years ago.

13. Does time really heal all wounds?

The scar tissue at least doesn’t have much feeling to it.

14. How do you handle a rainy day?

I get wet

15. Which is worse…losing your luggage or having to sort out tangled holiday lights?

At least you have the lights, when you lose your luggage it’s usually when you’re out of town with no convenient way of replacing what you need.

16. How is your relationship with your parents?


Will you miss them when they are gone?

Of course.

17. Do you tend to be aware of what is going on around you?

Huh, what?

18. What is the truest thing that you know?

Never get involved in a land war with Asia, and don’t bet against a Sicilian when death is on the line.

19. What did you want to be when you grew up?

Elmer Gantry.

20. Have you ever been given a second chance?

And a third, and a fourth…



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