If you want the remaining 98% you can answer it yourself!

After completing a whopping 2% of the 5000 Question Survey I’m considering calling it off. Not out of laziness, or a fear that it wasn’t going to be completed anyway – but mainly out of potential boredom. I looked ahead to see what some of the remaining 4900 questions were going to be. There was some repetition, there were boring word associations – and then there were such timeless gems as “what would you do if you captured Osama Bin Ladin alive?”

And I wonder…would I fear for my life knowing that the US Government would never allow me to release the knowledge that once again they lied about something – or would I wonder how I ended up back in time, and kick myself that I didn’t track down the following week’s winning Lotto numbers first.

Those weren’t the kind of questions I wanted to be sitting at the desktop answering, so instead – for the once or twice a month I remember to keep this updated – I’ll be back to posting some other random glorified Facebook status update.



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