The Parochial Telephone Game

Pat Robertson’s in the news again. Just another typical account of Pat opening his mouth, people reacting, and headlines earning clicks for all the websites carrying it.

It’s not his latest homophobic sewage I’m interested in discussing. What I’d like to find out is why and how Pat Robertson remains relevant today. Even amongst his racist, misogynist and homophobic fans it makes no sense how they can consider him a relevant Christian.

One of the rare beliefs shared between Christians of all persuasions is that God never lies. Also, He knows all. He can be ignored, and He can be rebelled against, but He can’t be tricked or conned or evaded. We can’t pull the wool over His eyes. And neither can any other being.

Which brings us back to Pat Robertson and his relevancy. For decades Pat claims that God has shared truths and events to him for the upcoming year. From nuclear strikes to West Coast tsunamis to the World ending by 1982 none of it has come to pass. (Pat was correct that George W. Bush would win re-election, although it wasn’t the predicted massive landslide. I happened to guess correctly that Obama would win his re-election – God hadn’t spoken directly to me, I based my prediction on what I was seeing in the news and had a 50-50 chance of being right or wrong.)

The list of possible conclusions are:

1. God deliberately lied to Pat Robertson.

2. God made His own predictions, but sometimes He’s hit and miss.

3. These were God’s plans but either He wasn’t prepared in time, or someone else interfered and ruined everything.

4. Pat Robertson has lied about God speaking to him directly.

5. Pat Robertson hears voices in his head and assumes it’s God speaking.

6. There is no God – tsunamis will or will not happen based on physical laws, not spiritual.

No believing Christian can accept numbers one through three, or number six, to be true. It can only be recognized that Pat Robertson is either a liar or a fool, a charlatan or mentally disturbed. Or all of the above. Knowing that, how can any self-respecting Christian – even the homophobes speaking out against “abominations” – look up to this man as their spiritual leader?



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