For Myspace WAS a Boojum you see.

Everytime Facebook changes its look people flip out. I’ve done my share of it. Yet despite all the changes we were always left with our pictures, connections, apps, games and notes (blogs) intact.

Recently Myspace completely overhauled their site. They’ve allowed the transfer of photos, connections and music playlists, but not the blogs. The current eruption of angry users in their message boards is focusing on the loss of blogs (and games, which players spend money on.)

The answer we’re getting from Myspace is that the blogs won’t be transferred and that they cannot be accessed. They haven’t flat out said they’re deleted, but if not then why are they hanging onto them? Especially without allowing us to see them.

I realize with a free service there’s no guarantee. It’s still a shitty thing to do. People have lost years worth of content. If they’ve never printed, or cross-posted elsewhere, it’s lost and cannot be recreated. The stolen backpack that contained all your research and notes. The long, painstakingly thought out blog that froze when you hit the “post” button and disappeared. The manuscript thrown in the fireplace.

People wrote about their experiences in vivid detail – they can remember the subject, but the details lose something as the years go by. Emails are gone – emails from the dead, the thoughts and words of your loved ones and now one of the few things you could hold onto in memory of them suddenly and silently vanished away.

I was lucky in that most of my writing that I’m most proud of gets cross-posted. I don’t care so much about old survey questions and quizzes. Still, so much is out there on BlogSpot, Facebook Notes, LiveJournal – even Satanosphere (if it still exists) although all that I ever wanted to save from there has long since been cross-posted – and any one of those sites could go away for any reason. Or an administrator could arbitrarily decide to delete my account. And I would have no recourse since I pay nothing for all of that.

What this means is that if I want to have some insurance I won’t lose anything I’ve contributed online in the last fifteen years I just need to print it all. So much for the electronic online world being green, environmental, and a space saver.


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5 Responses to “For Myspace WAS a Boojum you see.”

  1. DC Cardwell Says:

    A while back I went through my old MySpace and manually transferred everything that was of any significance (not much!) to my website blog. It was tedious, and would be even more so if you were a frequent blogger. But at least I’ve got it! I seem to recall there was an option to automatically save your whole blog contents but it didn’t work for me.

    But I think the lesson that a free service might not always be there is a good one.Nowadays if I write anything decent online I’ll keep a copy elsewhere,

  2. mdhpiper Says:

    Like I said, I’m lucky as I’m fairly positive I had cross-posted everything I would’ve wanted to keep – it’s possible there’s something forgotten but that means I can’t be regretting it.

    My wife lost her writings from when she was going through chemo, that bites.

  3. DC Cardwell Says:

    Oh – that’s a pity. So is the old MySpace gone? The last time I logged in I was given the choice of old or new. It can’t be more than a month since I was on the old one. If so, is it possible that Tamara’s blogs would be in Google Cache?

  4. mdhpiper Says:

    As of two nights ago there wasn’t a choice for classic. I tried searching Google Cache and Wayback Machine. While individual blog titles show up in the search, clicking the cache arrow just takes us to the new login.

    • DC Cardwell Says:

      That’s a pity. I tried the same thing last night and no luck either. And they always tell us to be careful what we post online because “it’ll always be there!”

      I was miffed because my songs transferred across to the new MySpace but not the (pretty big) play counts. But that’s just a number.

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