Barometric Pressure

I am Pro-Life. I believe abortion kills the beating heart of a sentient human. But I sometimes appear to be Pro-Choice because I know there’s a difference between contraception and abortion.

And because I believe your right to medical privacy trumps my opinion. Including the right of a teenager’s privacy against her parents.

And because I understand that abortion is barely 3% of Planned Parenthood’s services – that everything else is reproductive health/education (including healthy pregnancies), cancer screening, HIV screening, etc. – which services are otherwise lacking in many places.

And because I don’t think the police need to investigate every miscarriage or period. That a pad in the waste basket isn’t forensic evidence.

And because when I hear a teen is pregnant I don’t automatically think she ruined his life.

And because my first thought of an unmarried pregnant woman isn’t slut.

And because I don’t need a medical degree to see the stupidity of those who believe “the body has ways of shutting it down” – and don’t need to be a doctor, nurse, police officer or prosecutor to know what a Rape Kit’s for.

And because I agree the lawmakers and activists screaming most loudly against Roe vs. Wade don’t give a shit about the starving, the working poor, the disabled, the sick – that they are most likely to support (and celebrate) executions, the death of foreigners, the denial of immigrants.

And because I know the mythical fertile promiscuous woman who uses abortion as birth control is as fictional as the Cadillac driving welfare queen with crates of lobsters bought with her SNAP card.

And because The Bible – a book in which I’ve often found hope, wisdom, encouragement, truth, even commands – has never been used once by me in backing up my belief.

And because I feel laws eroding or eliminating the current rights will backfire.

And because I refuse to say I have the answer anymore when it comes to ectopic and molar pregnancies.

And because I could have been put in a real life “what if” situation.

And because if I were a Texan I’d vote for Wendy Davis over Rick Perry even if a big ol’ Pro-Life 2nd Amendment gun were pointed at my crotch.

And for believing in equal rights for all be it gender, race, creed or orientation. And for other reasons not germane to the subject, but which people often think are homogenized such as because I believe in unconditional gay rights, or don’t care if English is no longer the dominant language, or don’t care if whites are the new minority, or don’t care if my boss is a woman, and other thoughts of that same side of the spectrum.

I believe the child is alive even before birth. I believe that the choice to terminate is the wrong choice. But I do not believe in firebombs, snipers, investigators, prosecutors, transvaginal wands. I do not believe in intimidation.

I do not believe in forcing a minor to first get the permission of her hebephiliac father or her mother who’s in denial with eyes wide open.

I do not support pharmacists who use religion to avoid their job. I do not support politicians, leaders or clergy who spread bullshit science.

I know people who were born prematurely, at an age where they could’ve been killed anyway had they not jumped the gun and passed through the ring of fire up to their neck. I see the joy of people who have been blessed with children and know what it’s like to accept, not like but accept, that it won’t be for me.

So I believe what I believe. But I know, beyond belief, that if those working hard to overturn Roe vs. Wade focused instead on creating jobs, providing affordable healthcare and affordable childcare, gave school and daycare teachers a respectable income for the hours they put in, gave equal pay for equal work, focused on eliminating the attitude that allows rape culture to flourish – and, finding that those on the left would actually work with them to achieve these goals – then I believe that the number of times a woman finds herself having to consider that choice would drop. It wouldn’t disappear entirely, I don’t think that can happen. As soon as one’s sure they know the Absolutes, something new and complex enters.


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