My Final Post of 2013

Every year I share New Year’s Resolutions that don’t even last a month before being forgotten. Most of the time they don’t even last two weeks.

This year I’m going to finally break that cycle. No, I’m not going to actually follow through on my resolutions. Rather, I’m going to list up front things I won’t stick with.

1. I will not take any measures to improve my cardio-vascular system nor will I lessen the width of my gut.

2. I will not write daily for 365 days. I won’t even write daily for seven. My money’s riding on my next post being sometime in April.

3. I’ll go ahead and remember to give all my Facebook friends Happy Birthdays but I’ll slack off sometime before the Summer arrives and really lose track when December rolls around.

4. I’m going to continue to sweat the small stuff. Because all that small stuff builds up.

I’d list more, but history has proven I can’t stick with even one let alone an entire list.



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