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I sha’n’t be gone long.—You come too.

March 4, 2014

So here’s something I haven’t done before. I’m inviting you to visit my church this Sunday.

NOW WAIT – don’t assume anything. I’m not looking to convert, indoctrinate, judge, or con anyone, nor am I looking to take advantage of someone at their weakest. I’m not trying to get 10% of your money for our coffers. Personally it’s all the same to me whether you’re Christian or not. I get a gold star to put on my Pee Chee for every visitor I invite.

We’re a community that supports each other. We include the Left and the Right. Believers and Non-Believers. Saints and Sinners. Still, I understand why many of you might not be too keen on stopping by this Sunday.

But I already go to church.

That’s great. Maybe someday I’ll visit yours too. As far as we’re concerned ALL ARE WELCOME.

But I’m not Lutheran.

Doesn’t matter, we have regulars who don’t consider themselves Lutheran per se. ALL ARE WELCOME.

But I’m not even Christian.

Doesn’t matter. Whether you’re Jewish, Mormon, Hindu, Jehovah’s Witness or even if you’re going to throw the Flying Spaghetti Monster at me ALL ARE WELCOME.

But I’m Wiccan. I’m a witch.

Doesn’t matter. You won’t burn our building down, and we’re not going to throw you on the bonfire out back. ALL ARE WELCOME.

But I’m an Atheist. I think you’re a bit mental if you believe in that flying zombie.

Doesn’t matter. We have regulars who don’t believe in God. (And in case you’re wondering, no I’m not talking about me.) Their reasons for attending every week are various, but it’s all the same because ALL ARE WELCOME.

But I’m gay.

That’s nice. Are you married? Got a partner? Do you have kids? Invite the family to come with you. ALL ARE WELCOME.

But I’m an alcoholic/addict.

That’s alright. Grape juice is an option during Communion (and unlike with the Catholics, ALL ARE WELCOME to take Communion.)

But I’m an unwed mother.

That’s alright. Bring the kid(s). ALL ARE WELCOME.

But I have an infant who might fuss and/or a toddler who might melt down.

You’re not alone. And you ARE WELCOME.

But if you only knew what my life was like, you’d blow me off as just some sinner.

That’s nothing special. We’re all sinners here. We’re also all saints here. In other words, I’d say we’re normal, like you. ALL ARE WELCOME.

But I’m a Satanist! What now?

I’m sorry to hear that. None the less, ALL ARE WELCOME.

But all I have are jeans and t-shirts.

We don’t have a dress code. I wear white socks with black shoes and black pants. Some members don’t even tuck their shirt in. ALL ARE WELCOME.

But I work on Sunday Mornings.

That bites. Our Pastor should understand, she never gets Sunday off. If our membership improves we might have a later service, or an earlier service, or maybe even a service on a different day of the week. To help us reach that day, ALL ARE WELCOME.

But I’m ill. It’s a true physical ordeal for me to leave my house.

I’m sharing our contact info at the end of this. Reach out to us, we’ll bring the Church to you. ALL ARE WELCOME.

But I don’t even like you, jerk. And you definitely don’t like me.

Perhaps the Pastor will have to keep us separated but nevertheless ALL ARE WELCOME.

But I don’t even live near Olympia. I’m hundreds or even thousands of miles away. I’m even across the ocean from you.

This invite is open in perpetuity. Whenever you just happen to be in the neighborhood remember that ALL ARE WELCOME.

My church is Gull Harbor Lutheran at 4610 Boston Harbor Rd NE, Olympia, WA 98506.

Their business number is (360) 352-5335.

Their webpage is located here.

And our FB page can be found here.

Services are Sunday at 10:00. The Communion bread is gluten free (Seriously, Jesus isn’t going to aggravate your celiac disease in this church.)